Meet Our Team

Kamran is from Iran and was raised as a Shiite Muslim under the new Islamic regime. He experienced the hopelessness and fear of believing in a false image of an unreachable god. Since childhood he had searched for a personal relationship with God, eventually giving his heart to Jesus and fulfilling his life-long dream. Suzy has been a worship leader for 25 years, championing hope and freedom from fear and false images of god

Our Team

Meet Kamran

Kamran is a former Shiite Muslim from Iran who came to America through a series of truly miraculous events. He speaks and writes from his heart conversations with God to bring us into a peaceful place where we can receive God’s love. 

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Meet Suzy

Suzy is a passionate worshiper, poet and songwriter who has influenced and mentored some of our favorite worship leaders- She helped to pioneer the Bethel School of Worship with Don Potter in 1997.

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Fearless Flyer

Fearless Flyer was born in Venezuela and grew up in the beautiful and chaotic city of Caracas. Finding stories and creating atmospheres to communicate powerful messages has always been one of her passions. 

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Molly Williams

Molly Williams is a vocalist and worship leader from Charlotte, North Carolina. Since she was a little girl, Molly has a deep love for the nations of the world, and has recently joined the team at KS Movement ...

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