Current Projects

Get involved with our current projects to further the gospel in the Middle East!

We are continually creating relevant and exciting God-centered content!

TV Shows


With 7-10 million viewers daily, we are continually creating relevant TV show series and short videos. Help bring the love of Christ to bless the families of millions of Muslims as well as discipling the young Iranian church!

  • Series: production, translations and overdubs- $700 for 14 minutes. Each series has 13 episodes which are 14 minutes each. 

$9100 to Sponsor 1 season

  • Short videos with Kamran: Daily Bread- (Naneh Ruzaneh) and Daily Love (Eshge Ruzaneh)! 

Sponsor 5: $750  Sponsor 10: $1500

    Music and Music Videos 

    Our fresh worship sound is shaping a nation! From our East Meets West recordings and videos we have so many testimonies of people wanting more! 

    • Recording and Mixing: 1 song 1500
    • Video Production: Range 10k-30k

    Digital Media

    media   Includes
    1. Instagram reels and IGTV short vids- Reaching ages 13-30
    2. Facebook short vids: ages up to 60
    3. Audio (sound cloud) includes music, scripture readings and message bites- all ages

    Sponsor 10 - $1000




    One of the most frequent requests from underground church leaders are relevant and life-changing books written by noted authors and teachers in the West. We want to have these book translations available to bless and transform lives in the East. These underground leaders have given us a pertinent list of specific books from teachers such as Bill Johnson, Rick Joyner and others. We will do the translations into Farsi print, PDF, audible and flash drives, and make these available to Iranians Christians. 

    • Translations
    • Print and art for paper books
    • Voiceover for audible
    • Flash drives

    (price breakdown coming)

    Aiding Persecuted Christians

    We are supporting a few hand-picked families from Kamran’s last trip to the Middle East. 

    Plans are also underway for much needed retreats for underground church leaders at undisclosed locations in the Middle East.