Middle East Outreach

Reaching millions of Muslims since 2013!

We are honored and humbled to be pouring our hearts, love and resources into the great Middle East Harvest happening NOW!

The Islamic nations of Iran and Afghanistan are turning away from Islam and discovering Jesus.

RIGHT NOW the young Christian church of Iran, (Kamran’s birthplace), is the fastest growing church in the world- (Operations World statistics). Afghanistan is #2. These are Farsi speaking Muslims. Just 40 years ago there were only 300,000 Christians in Iran. To date there are 4-7 million. It is impossible to know exact numbers, but we are sure it is exponentially more.

More than 80 million souls in Iran are captive to Islam. At any time, there are an estimated 8-10 million Iranians watching our Satellite TV shows and music videos. These viewers include Muslims and the new believers in the underground churches. Our shows also reach far beyond Iran to a potential 130 million Farsi speaking viewers throughout Afghanistan, Tajikistan and other Middle Eastern nations as well as Europe, Canada and the US.

Hosain Iran

“I want to thank our Lord Jesus Christ for Kamran’s programs. I became a believer through watching his shows. It was truly a miracle.” – Hosain, Iran

Unnamed Uganda

Recently, Kamran Yaraei gave an interview on my radio show in Uganda where we have thousands of listeners. I translated his testimony and, in the week since,I received a report that 60 Muslim families gave their lives to Jesus after hearing his testimony! Praise the Lord for this amazing harvest!”

Fereshteh Iran

"Tonight after watching your testimony through satellite, I was so eager to find more of your programs, which I found! I prayed through all of your recommended prayer as I wept and I said AMEN.... 

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  • We beam our programs into millions of Iranian Muslim homes.
  • The black market on satellite dishes has gone beyond government censorship
  • There are 80 million people in Iran. Most of them have a satellite dish. 
  • There 8-10 million viewers every day, probably many more.

When Dr Hormoz Shariot, president of Iran Alive Ministries, invited us to be a part of this incredible Muslim harvest story, we were overwhelmed and honored! It has been 7 years now since we joined his Satellite TV network. Here is what Dr. Hormoz said in his first video to help us reach outfor partners:

“How do you respond to the spirit of Islam which is fear, hatred and violence. The best way to respond is with the fruits of the Holy Spirit -love, peace and joy. And that’s where Kamran and Suzy come in. Kamran is the ‘Apostle of Love.’ His message of love is so effective in breaking the spirit of Islam and setting the captives free! And Suzy, with the joyful worship -Islam cannot combat the joyful worship that Suzy teaches us."


Our programs bring hope to millions through these satellite TV stations…

Christian satellite programming is becoming more popular in Muslim living rooms than the #1 rated soap operas!


Government censorship has not been able to silence the gospel!

Despite government sponsored events to crush confiscated satellite dishes, the people of Iran keep watching! Christian satellite TV programming is a favorite among Muslim families. It is welcomed into their homes every day where they view our broadcasts over and over! The quality and heart to heart content of our shows draw in thousands of viewers daily. The Muslim world is receiving salvation and the healing and freedom they long for. By becoming a monthly contributor to God’s work in Iran, you are making a difference in the lives of thousands, even millions. The young Iranian church will be pivotal in spreading the gospel throughout the Middle East and eventually straight into the heart of Israel. What an honor to be a part of the greatest harvest on earth!

Join Our Partner Family

As we continue to send the Good News into Iran, many believe it will be the first Islamic nation to turn to Christ!

Our programs include:

  • Short daily messages with scripture
  • Worship music videos
  • Testimonial shows on healing the heart
  • Worship training
  • Timely conversations with Christian leaders
  • On-line university courses for discipleship and leadership training
  • Mini messages and relevant biblical short videos for Iranian Social Media
  • East Meets West Music

    KSMovement creates new worship songs with videos that are shaping this revival! Honoring the instruments and sounds of the East and combining them with a bit of western flare, this fresh sound is sweeping through the satellites and bringing even more freedom and salvation to many Iranians!

    East Meets West Music

    • Our purpose is to continue to share the heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ with millions more Iranian Muslims and to continue to invest in the young Iranian church.
    • Our vision is to transform lives and support the needs of the underground churches by bringing hope and transformation through our shows and outreaches.

    Through online platforms and travel to the Middle East, we are building relationships with church leaders and persecuted Christians for support, discipleship, transformation and growth.

    It is our honor to help you bring hope to Muslims families!

    A Heart for Muslims

    loving Muslims

    Do you have a heart for Muslims? The most common questions we get is, “How do we minister to the Muslims.” We released this video series several years ago and many people have had lasting results with these 7 keys! We have made a new and improved version which will be available soon! There will also be a workbook to upload to help you remember and apply.