Meet Our Team

Our Team

Project Management


Molly Williams is a vocalist and worship leader from Charlotte, North Carolina. Since she was a little girl, Molly has a deep love for the nations of the world, and has recently joined the team at KS Movement to add her skills in social media and project management. After many years of singing with Suzy, she is excited to be joining the Yaraeis in their ministry focused on the Middle East. 

Molly has traveled worldwide leading worship and teaching at churches, conferences, and worship schools, as well as touring as a background vocalist for various artists for the last 12 years. She has been worship director at several local Charlotte-area churches, as well as project manager and worship leader for Jesus Culture Music in Sacramento, CA. She hopes to bring her strengths to KS Movement and the body of Christ in the Middle East. 


Creative Director

Our Fearless Flyer was born and raised in a communist country where she studied communications with a major in Audiovisual Arts. Finding stories and creating atmospheres to communicate powerful messages has always been one of her passions. Studying film in a communist country was a challenge- directing a short film in one of the most critical years of her country.

“One day, out of nowhere, God struck me with deep love for Iran and the Middle East at a prayer meeting. For months I prayed for this beautiful nation and I couldn't stop thinking about the Persians, their culture and their fascinating story.

Five months later, I was sitting in a worship class where Suzy Yaraei was a guest speaker. When she said her husband was an ex Muslim from Iran, my heart almost exploded. At the end of the class I asked her how could I pray better for Iran and her ministry and she said, "We have been praying for a videographer!” 

Since then I have been part of the team as creative director, editing, filming projects, building sets and falling more in love with God. 

Kamran and Suzy have impacted my life in ways I can't describe. Their vulnerable leadership, their obvious passion for God, their generosity, and hospitality have changed my life forever. They love and they love well. 

Being part of the KS Movement team is one of the greatest honors. I am learning and growing so much. In this environment I have gotten closer to God while serving wholeheartedly with my gifts and talents.” 

~Name changed for security purposes