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Rae and Debra

ray and debra

"Kamran and Suzy are miracle missionaries. They both love Jesus with the happiness of a child, and yet they have a deep and seasoned Biblical foundation. When they smile, it is real and transforming. In Iran, the people watch them in secret from the privacy of their homes via satellite (and they can’t stop watching this unusual duo!). This has ignited a firestorm of transformation. When Kamran looks into the camera, smiling, and holding out the simple love of Jesus, the walls of resistance fall. The entire nation of Iran is in revival and Kamran and Suzy are a big part of that. My husband Ray and I are honored and privileged to support this ministry. Often, I find myself praying that God would make them better known, and more broadly supported. They have literally taken a few fish and some bread and turned it into a miracle feast that is feeding millions in Iran."

"I encourage anyone who wants to be a part of transforming a nation, to partner with them and reap the joy."

Ray and Debra Ortiz
IT Consultant
Waco, Tx
Epic Earth Books

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