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Matt and Debbie

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 "Having known Suzy and Kamran for many years, we recognize their contagious love for Jesus and people, and how God has uniquely positioned them to have life-altering influence with the millions of Persian people that they pastor, bring hope to and encourage.  They are God's tandem team of salt and light, love and truth that are bringing refreshment and joy to multitudes in the Middle East." 

   "Matt and Debbie Peterson get to pastor an amazing group of people in Winston-Salem, NC who meet at Awake Church.  Matt is also the founder of Hydrating Humanity, which provides clean water, hygiene education and hope for hundreds of thousands in East Africa."  

Matt and Debbie  Peterson
Pastor Awake Church
Founder Hydrating Humanity
Winston Salem, NC
Awake Church
Hydrating Humanity
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