East Meets West

An epic sound that's shaping a nation


“This music brought me back to my childhood. We are eternally grateful for all your hard work. My husband is a religious Muslim. Every time I would watch Persian worship music or Christian teaching on the Satelite programming, he would leave the house and tell me that I should never listen to these things. The first time I was listening to your worship song, Doret Begardam, my husband was sitting next to me and he got up to leave. But then he turned around and said, “What a beautiful song. It touched my heart. Can you play that again?” He watch it 4 times! He said, “This music, it has touched my heart and I want you to find this kind of music for me from now on.” This was really strange for him and I was overjoyed! I want to thank Sister Suzy who worked hard. May God bless you. My husband got so touched and I believe this is his first step to receive Jesus Christ.”  --- Fariba, Iran

“This is the best I’ve ever heard in the history of Iranian worship music.”

- Shahab, leadership for Iranian churches- Turkey

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